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Turn your radio into a mobile office that can enter work orders, scan barcodes, and even manage your IT.  Our sales force has the knowledge to guide you through decisions on advanced wireless applications, including GPS, wireless broadband, two-way radios, and mobile email.


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Analog broadcasts as a continuous stream of electrical signals that transmit as a wave.

Features of Analog

  • As signal weakens, so does audio quality as static increases
  • Not feature rich.  Analog is pretty much limited to push-to-talk, scanning, simple group conversations (one-to-many), and limited encryption capabilities without involving some very creative and often unreliable design.
  • It does not use frequencies as efficiently as can be done using digital.


Digital signal, made up of a mathematical code, is sent in block segments.

Features of Digital

  • When the signal is strong, the sound is clear and crisp. This clarity increases the effective range of the radio by around 5%
  • If the signal is weak, it is likely to be lost completely. However, the audio is clear up until the moment it is lost.
  • Not all digital broadcasts are compatible with each other.  Your choices of manufacturers may be limited.
  • New features such as enhanced text messaging, IP connectivity, GPS, 1 to 1 communications, and other data transmissions


Modern repeaters do more than simply amplifying signal and broadcasting over a wider range.  Some current digital repeater models add a level of intelligence and IP networking that allow for new solutions like IP Site Connect, trunking, and integration with other IP based communication technologies such as cellular and VoIP.

IP Site connect

Simply put IP Site Connect is the ability to use the internet or a private IP network to connect multiple repeaters.  This allows for many creative solutions including simulcasting to anywhere in the world. [MotoTRBO IP Site Connect]


Trunking allows for customers to pool their frequencies/talk paths and share them with multiple talk groups, rather than the less efficient traditional method of assigning each talk group to their own dedicated frequency/talk path.  Digital technology allows for advanced features like GPS & text messaging to be efficiently integrated into a radio system.

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Unified PTT communication

Another exciting feature of digital radios is the ability to integrate communications with other IP based communications technology such as cell phones, other radio frequency bands (UHF/VHF/800MHz/WiFi), or soft phones/dispatch software running on a computer.  This allows for a user to communicate from his radio with nearly any device on the market. [WAVE & ICOM’s Gateway]


Recently manufacturers have begun production of devices using the traditional 2 Way radio form factor (rugged and user-friendly) that operate on WiFi networks.  We now have dual band radios that will be able to use traditional frequency bands (UHF/VHF/800MHz) as well as WiFi, all in one device [Icom IP100]

Call Box

Call boxes are durable fixed mounted 2 way radios that have a loud speaker. Some popular solutions using call boxes are golf courses, school emergency solutions, security gates, and man lifts on construction job sites. [Ritron]

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