Icom is a world leader in the amateur radio market. Also known as ham radio, Icom makes amateur radios for use in long-range (HF) and short-range (VHF, UHF) communications. Digital technology is transforming the market, and Icom helped pioneer the development of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) equipment. Icom is also a leader in product development for the D-STAR digital mode, a global open protocol that is on the cutting edge in Amateur Radio today.


  • NXDN/dPMR Protocol Choice
  • Trunking (NXDN Type-C, Type-D or dPMR Mode 3)
  • Multi-site connectivity
  • Voting Scan

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  • Small, Light and Feature packed
  • Analog FM
  • NXDN/dPMR conventional
  • Upgradable to NXDN Type-D trunking
  • Upgradable to dPMR Mode 3 Trunking

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  • IDAS digital convetional
  • Type-D single-site trunking
  • Slim, compact, lightweight
  • IP67 waterproofing and dust-tight protection
  • Motion detection, man down and lone worker functions as standard
  • Good audio quality for noisy environments
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Channel announcement function

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  • 128ch/8zones
  • 2-tone, 5-tone MDC-1200 compatible
  • 5W RF 700mW AF
  • IP67 Dust-tight and Waterproof
  • 8-character LCD display
  • Voice recorder
  • Vibration alert

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  • DTMF autodial
  • BIIS PTT ID transmission
  • Low battery alert
  • PC programmable
  • Internal VOX capability for hands-free operation

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  • Simple Operation for communication
  • Modern design, rugged body
  • MIL-STD and IP54
  • Lithium-ion battery standard
  • CTCSS/DTCS tone encoder/decoder
  • Automatic scanning and priority scan

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  • Interconnect between IP phone, analog phone and radio networks
  • Site-to-site radio communication over an IP network
  • Site-to-multisite radio communication
  • Interconnection between IDAS NXDN, IDAS and IP Advanced Radio System

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  • Easy system to set up and use
  • Up to 100 users can communicate at the same time
  • Encryption provides extra security
  • Range only restricted by your IP network coverage

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  • Manages up to 100 IP100H/IP100FS devices in a single IP1000C
  • Up to 11 IP1000C can be interconnected to increase the total number of IP100 Radios on a network
  • Easy to install
  • OPC-1402 – Serial cable (option)

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  • NXDN/dPMR Protocol Choice
  • System scalability According to Communication Traffic and Coverage
  • Trunking (NXDN Type-C, Type-D or dPMR Mode 3)
  • Multi-site Connectivity
  • Voting Scan

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  • 128 ch (Max.)/8 zones
  • 2-tone, 5-tone CTCSS, DTCS
  • MDC PTT ID & MDC emergency call
  • VHF 50W, UHF 45W output
  • 8-character LCD display
  • Optional voice scrambler

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