Hytera US is a global leader in two-way radio communications, developing and manufacturing innovative solutions to meet our customer’s requirements. With a reputation for high-quality, reliable radios and systems, Hytera radios can be found all over the world, from Seattle WA High Rises to being on North Sea oil rigs, railway networks, casinos, conference centers, and construction sites.

Hytera US is one of the fastest-growing radio manufacturers in the world, turning out durably engineered, ergonomic products that take advantage of the latest technology that allows clear voice transmissions at distances that are surprising to seasoned radio users.  Many of the models meet stringent shock, vibration, and moisture ratings that allow these units to be used in the harshest of commercial environments.  We repair these radios right here in Seattle.

HP6 SeriesNew

Hytera Radios

HP602 & HP682

  • New Technical Platform for Sound & Durability IP67
  • Redefined User Interface
  • Analog and Digital Conventional
  • XPT trunking w/DMR Tier II & III trunking
  • IP Multi-Site Connect
  • DMR Simulcast Systems
Hytera Radios


  • Digital & Analog
  • IP Rating 54
  • 256 Ch. (16 zones with 16 channels per zone)
  • Roaming
Hytera Radios


  • Digital & Analog
  • Quick Text Messages (up to 25 pre-programmed)
  • Pseudo Trunking
  • 3 Line Monochrome Display
Hytera Radios


  • IP  Rating 67
  • IP Site Connect (Radio Networking)
  • 48 (3 zones with 16 channels per zone)
  • GPS (optional)
Hytera Radios


  • Systems and Network Features
  • Rotating Channel Control & Volume
  • High-Quality Audio w/Audio equalizer
  • Analog and Digital

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