The Next-Gen Smart Building


InteliGlas is a next-gen auto-pilot for building managers of commercial real estate with a holistic approach. Control your building through an internet browser. View and control all your building systems from anywhere, anytime.

What is InteliGlas?

InteliGlas Corporation is an American proptech (property technology) company based in Pasadena, California. It was launched in 2018, to develop the first fully autonomous, cyber secured, smart building system for commercial real estate, equipped with a self-learning IoT platform with autopilot technology.

InteliGlas’ artificial intelligence automatically learns, adapts, controls, and optimizes ALL of the building systems…and never sleeps.

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Key Features and Benefits

AI: Autonomous action 24-7. Weather, tenant patterns, seasonal set points and hive learning leverages its knowledge across the platform, monitoring, optimizing, and controlling all building systems. This full AI integration takes the complex and makes it simple. It is like installing an auto-pilot.

Risk Mitigation and Cybersecurity: Early warning, anomaly detection and predictive analytics help to profile the building, reducing insurance rates. No more run to fail. Close the loop on hackers and ransomware, InteliGlas secures your building’s systems with its 24/7 real-time cybersecurity.

Future-Proofing: InteliGlas is the last platform required for your building, delivering a single suite of technologies. From building management systems operation to tenant utilization tools. Literally a solution for all landlord and tenant concerns. Flexible adaption for future technologies.

Building Analytics and Reporting: Energy benchmarking with a press of a button. Alerts to equipment issues before they become problems. Key-metrics are made simple and easy with standard and customizable graphics, all within a built-in cloud-based reporting and file management system

InteliGlas Case Study: $120K Savings

Site: Office Building, four floors, 85,000 sq ft. Monrovia, Southern California

Builder Owner’s ROI

  • Annual Savings on Electrical Costs: $121,704 (a reduction of 44%)
  • Increased Capital Value of Building by $2,025,000

An Especially Challenging Test

During the 14-month study period, the building experienced major changes that would normally increase electrical power consumption and costs

  • Occupancy increased from 60% to 75%
  • Utility rates increased overall by 20% per kilowatt-hour
  • Multiple changes in HVAC system components that would normally increase power consumption

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