Transportation & logistics


In transportation and logistics, seconds and minutes count.  Whether you are unloading cargo containers from a ship with a Top Pick and routing it to a stack that is located acres away in the railroad yard or you are transporting a load of refrigerated produce to a restaurant across town if you don’t have the right information in a timely manner the customer’s product may be lost or spoil.  That’s why professionals rely on instantaneous private and group channel communications.

Industrial Communications has a long history of setting up repeater networks in high-traffic, 24-hour cargo facilities.  We have the reputation for installing it right for excellent coverage and reliable communications.

We also represent several manufacturers of POC (push to talk over cellular) nationwide ruggedized form factor radios that have the advantage of using AT&T and T Mobile’s wide area networks, without the delay that comes with the cellular carrier PTT over cellular offerings.

Ever since the Nextel system was de-constructed in 2012, these nationwide cellular companies have tried to come out with an offering that was as quick and reliable as Nextel.  To this day none of them have been successful.  Digitalk, Hytera, and Motorola’s Wave products do achieve this by running through independent servers that are attached to the carrier’s robust networks.

Are you ready to take your communication to the next level?

Our experienced technicians install these dash mount radios in your vehicles at your convenience so that your prime assets are not out of service for an extended period.  Some companies like these rugged dash mount units installed in the vehicle, so that you don’t have an expensive iPhone sliding off the seat and getting wet or breaking, while the driver reaches for it, endangering other people on the road, along with your vehicle and precious cargo.  This can also eliminate the frustration of the unit not being charged, or walking away at an inopportune time.  Other folks like the portability of a smaller durable radio that can even be the size of a small flip phone, without the expense of an iPhone or the hassle and liability of having your driver playing on Facebook or having to constantly upgrade the software.  Either way, we have units we can show you and even set you up for a free demo.

Dispatchers can quickly relay container locations, traffic diversions, customer gate codes, or other instructions.  Other employees can add valuable information about drop boxes, locked doors, and equipment idiosyncrasies, without having to look up speed dial numbers, get voice mail or have phone calls go unanswered.  Also, did you know that the typical PTT radio call is one-third the length of a phone call?  This gets the information across quickly and safely.

PTT over cellular is also legal in all 50 states, whereas with cellular it takes installing expensive and finicky car kits for hands-free operation.

POC is rapidly growing in popularity for all of the above-mentioned reasons and is projected to grow by 5X in the coming 24 months.