THE BEST Manufacturing  SOLUTION

When an event happens that threatens the safety of the manufacturer’s most important asset, its team member, it is of utmost importance to relay this message to other departments right awayWhole crews can be made aware of a hazardous spill, line malfunction, or health event with the press of a portable radio’s push-to-talk button. 

If a conveyor or other part of the manufacturing process malfunctions a message can be sent to the radio’s LCD or live video of the event can be streamed to a portable radio with this capability. Industrial Communications partners with SeQent and other 3rd party applications to help package and streamline this data to the correct individual or groups.  A press of another pre-programmed button on the supervisor’s radio can then lock down a certain area to prevent access or exit. 

Are you ready to take your communication to the next level?

In the event of a natural disaster, spill, or unwanted intrusion, a supervisor can switch to a pre-identified channel to send an amplified broadcast message through our Loud Mouth product to an entire building wing, floor, or yard. 

The industrial-grade digital radios that we represent have customized audio accessories and newly engineered technology to allow the recipient of the transmission to hear his co-worker’s voice without the overwhelming background noise that is so common in an industrial manufacturing facility. 

We are very familiar with many of our customers who manufacture everything from baked products to ships and ferries, to airplanes, to steel, appliances, windows, gravel, vehicles, and many other goodsLet Industrial Communications do a site survey for you and engineer a system based on our real-life experience.