PTT Over Cellular (PoC)

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What is Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC)? 

Nationwide PTT over Cellular (PoC) is a communication technology that allows users to instantly connect with a group or individual at the push of a button using cellular networks. PoC operates over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks, unlike traditional two-way radios that rely on specific frequencies, ensuring broader coverage and more reliable connections. 

Ever since the de-construction of the Nextel network in 2012, businesses and municipalities have been searching for a nationwide Push To Talk over Cellular network that allows users to get right through with the push of a button.  Each corporate cellular network has tried to replicate this type of PTT system, but all have been plagued with busies, delays, and missed calls.  Recently several networks have been put in place that combined the existing nationwide cellular coverage of these large carriers with redundant servers that buffer the transmission with proprietary software, which have all but eliminated the previous latency issues and can roam off of complementary Wifi networks to expand on this nationwide coverage.


Nationwide PTT Over Cellular PoC

Motorola Wave

Nationwide PTT Over Cellular PoC


Nationwide PTT Over Cellular PoC

Hytera HALO

Nationwide PTT Over Cellular PoC


Key Features and Benefits: 

  • Wide Area Coverage: With the backing of cellular networks, PoC offers extensive coverage, ensuring you remain connected even in remote locations. 
  • Instant Communication: Just like traditional walkie-talkies, PoC provides real-time communication. A simple button press connects you instantly. 
  • Cost-Effective: Eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure and maintenance associated with traditional radio systems. 
  • Versatility: PoC devices come in various forms, from dedicated handsets to smartphone applications, catering to diverse industrial needs. 
  • Enhanced Features: Modern PoC solutions offer features like location tracking, emergency alerts, and text messaging, enhancing operational efficiency. 

Whether it’s coordinating large-scale operations, ensuring worker safety, or managing logistics, Nationwide PTT over Cellular (PoC) provides a reliable and efficient communication channel. Industries like manufacturing, logistics, construction, mining, security, K-12 and university education, trucking, towing, health care, property management and hospitality can greatly benefit from the instant and wide-reaching capabilities of PoC. 

Push to Talk over Cellular is not just a communication tool; it’s a catalyst for operational efficiency in the industrial sector. By bridging the gap between traditional radio communication and modern cellular technology, PoC is setting new standards in Industrial Communications. 

Industrial Communications has extensively tested and vetted Motorola Wave, Relay, Hytera HALO, and Diga-Talk+ hardware.  Contact us today for a free demo. 

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