Add cellular coverage in facilities of up to 1 Million square feet
through advanced fiber remote technology

Scalable, Future Ready Cellular Connectivity

In today’s modern workplace, the reliance on cell phones and other cellular-connected devices is undeniable across virtually every industry and organization. At Industrial Communications, we recognize the crucial role of seamless cellular connectivity in ensuring optimal job performance. That’s why we proudly offer commercial solutions for cellular signal enhancement through our trusted brand, WilsonPro. Zinwave, an FCC-approved WilsonPro system, is designed to address your cellular connectivity challenges effectively, providing you with the best signal possible.

Offering Three Solutions

WilsonPro Repeater System – Rapid deployment of all carriers

Zinwave | WilsonPro Repeater

WilsonPro Hybrid DAS – Fiber quality with repeater agility

Zinwave | WilsonPro Hybrid

Zinwave Active DAS – Optimal quality at greater distances


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Amplified Connectivity
Each customer’s infrastructure supports higher data speeds and a larger number of devices for up to full coverage across the entire location. 

Adaptable Infrastructure
Our customers have scalable, future-ready network with an open design &the flexibility to reuse, upgrade, expand, & optimize. 

Agile Deployment
A rapid deployment, supported by expert services, accelerates the time-to-value, increasing the overall agility of the organization to leverage new mobile technologies more quickly. 

  • Coverage: <75k sq. ft.
  • Carriers: ALL US & Canadian carriers with location-specific, multi-channel amplification
  • Spectrum: Bands covered by FCC, pt. 20 for all MNOs, also CBRS, C-band, band 71, &
    band 14
  • Signal Source: Patented multi-tower targeting & realtime network scanning
  • Public Safety: FirstNet (a cellular network for first responders on band 14)
  • Performance: 360 MHz max simultaneous cellular bandwidth, MIMO-configurable, Remote app shows realtime network performance
  • Installation: Wall or rack mount options, Open network design

Whether you operate in an office building, a corporate high-rise, a school, a warehouse, or any other commercial space spanning 5,000 square feet and above, our solutions are tailored to meet your needs. From conducting comprehensive site surveys to delivering swift and cost-effective installations, our certified technicians are dedicated to providing you with a seamless cell signal enhancement solution from inception to completion. With Industrial Communications, you can trust that your connectivity needs are in expert hands with our team of licensed and seasoned, local technicians.

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