Industrial Communications helps provide rugged job site solutions that increase efficiency, safety, and work crew productivity. Keeping your work crews in touch with instant communications and no monthly service fees.  [Motorola] [Ritron] [Repeater] [DAS] [Access Control]

Hotel/Facility Management

Industrial Communications helps provide facility and campus-wide coverage for communications solutions. Our communication solutions customized to your unique needs can make the difference between a good or bad guest experiences. They’re instant, always available, and adaptable to your needs. [Motorola] [Icom] [DAS] [Wifi PTT] [Access Control]


Industrial Communications helps provide next-generation communication solutions that instantly connect staff and public safety when emergencies occur. You can keep track of children on the move, monitor buses and routes in real time, and link districts and staff efficiently on one device. [Motorola] [Ritron] [Unified PTT] [IP Site Connect] [Access Control]

Public Safety


Industrial Communications helps create an environment that is safe and secure, where staff can perform at their best. Manage incidents and emergencies, and prevent security breaches from happening.  Provide a high-quality experience for patients and visitors with well-run facilities. Real-time communications can strengthen safety, elevate service and improve overall efficiency. [Motorola] [Icom] [Unified PTT] [IP Site Connect] [Access Control]


Industrial Communications helps organize and control wireless connectivity where secure seaport operations are taking place by maintaining safe and effective wireless coverage. [Motorola] [Repeater] [Trunking] [Access Control]


Industrial Communications helps provide instant, reliable communications that aid delivery and logistics businesses in streamlining operations, controlling costs and delighting customers. [Diga-Talk[Wide Area] [Unified PTT] [IP Site Connect] [Access Control]

Golf Courses

Industrial Communications provides solutions that allow staff to communicate instantly, saving money by increasing efficiency and allowing you to provide better service to players. [Diga-Talk] [Ritron] [Icom] [Repeater] [Access Control]


Industrial Communications provides solutions that allow for an instantaneous connection around the clock, from every location in your facility.  It is critical for your staff to stay connected with continuous communications in order to ensure a pleasant guest experience. [Motorola] [Icom] [Repeater] [Trunking] [Access Control]