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PSERN Property Owner Flyer

What is PSERN and why do I have to provide a compatible system?

PSERN is the Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network, a voter-approved effort to replace our region’s aging emergency radio system with a modern, reliable network that provides greater coverage throughout King County.

When completed, the new system will be used by first responders — including police, fire and emergency medical personnel — in all 39 King County cities and throughout unincorporated King County. THERE ARE MANDATED DEADLINES BETWEEN JANUARY 1, 2021 AND JUNE 30, 2021 TO RE-CHANNEL OR REPLACE EXISTING DAS IN BUILDING SYSTEMS, DEPENDING ON WHERE YOU ARE LOCATED WITHIN KING COUNTY.

PSERN is jointly owned by the City of Seattle, King County, Eastside Public Safety Communications Agency, and Valley Communications. An interlocal agreement outlines PSERN’s governance and operations. Every day throughout our region, first responders use outdated radio equipment. PSERN is building a modern system that provides the coverage and reliability needed to keep our communities safe.

The current system in use in the Puget Sound area is more than 20 years old and was designed in the mid-1990s to serve a smaller population across a smaller area. The existing system has gaps in coverage, does not account for our region’s recent growth, and forces first responders to use different channels to communicate during emergencies. With this in Mind the local agencies are mandating that all buildings that fall under the specified parameters must be compatible by December of 2020.

Wave 1

TBA (no earlier than 5/18/22)

Seattle Public Utilities & Sound Transit Operations (Light Rail)

  • Seattle Public Utilities
  • Sound Transit Operations (Link Light Rail)

Wave 2

TBA (no earlier than 11/8/22)

Seattle Area Agencies

  • City of Seattle departments (Seattle Fire & Seattle Police)
  • Sound Transit Safety
  • Sound Transit Police
  • Metro Transit Police
  • Hospitals in Seattle
  • Some Kng County agencies

Wave 3

TBA (no earlier than 12/7/22)

South of I-90 Agencies

  • South King County cities, schools, and other local government agencies
  • Zone 3 fire agencies
  • South King County law enforcement agencies
  • Some King County Agencies

Wave 4

TBA (no earlier than 2/8/23)

North of I-90 Agencies

  • North King County cities, schools, and other local government agencies
  • Zone 1 fire agencies
  • North King County law enforcement agencies
  • Some King County agencies

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