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MNC360 PoC Mobile Radio

Mobile | LTE | GPS

The MNC360 is a push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) mobile radio designed for in-vehicle communication. With Hytera innovative design, it provides reliable, loud & clear voice service for various field communication scenarios.

Smooth Communication

Compared with regular smartphone, the two external LTE antennas on the MNC360 improve its RX sensitivity by 3 dB. The smart switch enables the MNC360 to always select the network with stronger signal strengths.


Loud and Clear Voice

The built-in 4-watt speaker comes with distortion suppression, howling suppression and noise cancellation technology, which enables the MNC360 to transmit loud and clear audio even with the window rolled down in construction sites or bustling street.


Flexibility and Adaptability

Paring with rich accessories, the MNC360 gives more freedom and flexibility for voice communications. With the Android system and standard APIs, the MNC360 is open for third-party apps to create an in-vehicle ecosystem for data application in the field.


Smart Design, Safe Driving

The MNC360 is a safety assistant providing over-speed alarm and fatigue driving alarm to ensure a safe trip. Keys on the MNC360 are automatically locked during driving, helping the driver focus more on the road and less on the radio.


Robust Design, Easy to Use

Compact and lightweight, the MNC360 perfectly fits into the limited space in the vehicle of almost all types. Aviation connector between remote microphone and main unit, robust design to provide reliable and stable connection under any operation scenarios.

Nationwide Coverage

National workforce communication with mobile 3G/4G/LTE connectivity supported by the Micro-SIM


Built-In Wi-Fi

Built-in Wi-Fi supports in-building communications with seamless switching to LTE networks when outside the Wi-Fi range


GPS Positioning

GPS enables real-time tracking and positioning for the Hytera HALO Dispatch application


High-Quality Audio

Digital noise suppression and high-volume speakers for excellent voice quality in loud environments
Provides high-quality digital audio performance for individual calls, group calls, and emergency calls


Built-In Bluetooth 

Built-in Bluetooth enables connectivity to earpieces, Push-to-talk rings, and other wireless accessories


TFT LCD Display

TFT LCD display provides high-resolution visibility even under bright daylight
Supports an easy-to-use GUI menu system with clean and simple navigation


Reliable and Durable

Compliant with MIL-STD-810-G for shock and vibration
IP55 rated for water and dust resistance


Long-Life Battery

Powerful Li-Ion 3100mAh battery delivers up to 18 hours of operation


LED Flashlight

Bright LED illumination at the touch of a button


Text Messaging

Receive and view text messages sent from dispatcher and other Hytera PoC devices


Pre-Installed Apps

Android apps are pre-installed to provide convenient PoC services


Stun and Revive

Dispatcher can remotely stun (disable) or revive (return to service) if the radio is lost or stolen


Emergency Alarms and Calling 

Emergency Alarms can be sent to other radios via the one-touch programmable button
Improves worker safety and emergency response time

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