Nationwide Push-to-Talk Cellular (PoC) Communications

Discover HORIZON, an innovative Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) service designed for seamless communication. With a subscription-based model, HORIZON offers instant individual and group calling through a cutting-edge cloud-based network. Leveraging the robust 4G/5G/LTE cellular infrastructure of Mobile Network Operators and Wi-Fi networks, HORIZON connects to cloud-based PoC servers for reliable communication anytime, anywhere. Unlike traditional radio networks constrained by repeater and base station ranges, HORIZON’s utilization of 4G/5G/LTE networks ensures unlimited coverage, empowering radio users with unparalleled freedom. Experience the full potential of HORIZON with its support for all rugged and feature-rich Hytera PoC devices. Additionally, benefit from HORIZON Dispatch, a user-friendly web-based dispatching application facilitating centralized group calling and GPS location tracking for enhanced efficiency.

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HORIZON Key Features

Nationwide Coverage: HORIZON leverages 4G/5G/LTE and Wi-Fi networks to provide secure and instant nationwide radio communications. 

Most Reliable POC System Available: Advanced cloud servers provide the most reliable nationwide PoC services available. 

Group and Individual Calling: Instant one-to-one (individual) calls, or one-to-many (group) calls to different groups.

Multimedia Communications: PoC devices with cameras can initiate individual and group video calls, and take and share pictures with dispatch and other devices.

No Infrastructure Required:  No need to purchase, operate, and maintain traditional radio network infrastructure.

Rapid Deployments: Since the radio network infrastructure already exists, PoC systems are very quickly deployed.

Unlimited Channels and Bandwidth: The HORIZON PoC platform allows any number of virtual channels and as many call groups as required. 

GPS Location Tracking: PoC devices with integrated GPS enable location tracking with the HORIZON Dispatch application. 

Operational Control: Customer system management is available with a web based systems operations console for large enterprise customers that want comprehensive control over the PoC system and devices.

Safety Features: Supports sending and receiving Emergency Alarms for enhanced worker safety.


Hytera PoC devices access the HORIZON PoC server through the internet using 4G/5G/LTE cellular networks and Wi-Fi networks for wide-area radio communications. PoC is also referred to as Radio over IP (RoIP). Similar to Voice over IP (VoIP), RoIP devices are handheld two-way radios that access cloud-based PoC services via the internet for voice and video calling. A data plan SIM card (similar to those used in cell phones) is installed in the PoC device to enable access to the internet using the 4G/LTE cellular infrastructure of Mobile Network Operators. HORIZON services are hosted on the cloud using PoC servers (network appliances). Gateway routers provide connectivity between the 4G/LTE network and the cloud hosted PoC controller. The result is access to existing and reliable networks that require no maintenance or operational expenses. For more details, click to download the brochure.

Contact one of our Technical Representatives who can guide you through various options within the Hytera HORIZON Nationwide PoC System. We will provide you with detailed information on the costs and benefits associated with each Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) devices, helping you make an informed decision on the right choice for your facility.

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