Swiftlane Video Intercom and Touchless Access


Swiftlane’s touchless, cloud-based access control experience offers a multi-site video intercom and visitor management system. Easily scales to secure one door or multiple locations. Protect your office and employees by creating a smarter, safer workplace.

Solutions for every Building

Unlock a modern access control experience for your building, elevating the experience while future-proofing your investment.

  • Touchless access options built in the U.S. to increase safety and security for the post-COVID-19 world. Privacy-oriented face unlock and mobile unlock solution.
  • A multi-tenant system allows for two-way video calling with the front desk and visitors.
  • Swiftlane enhances the visitor management experience with touchless visitor management, remote verification and entry, and temporary door access ahead of time.

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Empower Security Teams: Reduce Operational Costs and Increase Safety

  • Manage access from the browser or phone
  • Enroll and remove users instantly
  • Realtime security monitoring
  • Centrally monitor one door or dozens of buildings
  • Camera integration built-in
  • Tailgating detection: Prevent break-ins (beta)

Swiftlane delivers reliable, convenient solutions that prioritize high security and data privacy. Admins can instantly add or remove users remotely. By accessing the Swiftlane Cloud-Based Dashboard on mobile or desktop, an admin can send an invite to a user via email and eliminate the need to exchange key cards in person.


Swiftlane Building Access Control System

Avoid the cost of buying and installing two different systems for access control and intercom. Swiftlane intercom comes built-in with touchless access control using your mobile phone or face unlock.

  • Detailed reporting: Identify anomalies and immediately investigate security issues.
  • Real-time feedback: Watch real-time access activity and visually verify every person’s face.
  • Fast Enrollment: Enroll users from your browser or mobile phone without making a trip to the server room
  • Remote Management: Centrally monitor one door or dozens of buildings from anywhere.

Unlike key cards that can be cloned easily, Swiftlane mobile unlock is encrypted and cannot be cloned. Enrollment of users is managed by your team and can handle access across multiple workplaces or buildings. This is complete cloud access control.

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